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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i'm in the beak's camp. >> which camp would that be? >> tlt, blackberry camp. >> buy it here. i'm melissa lee. thank you for watchge. see you back here at 5:00 for my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain you but teach and coach you through tough markets. call me or tweet me @jimcramer. today is the day where the market finally figured it out. stocks aren't getting weaker
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because of earnings which for the most part have been trick. they aren't getting weaker because of the fed or interest rates. they should be going up instead of going down. no, stocks are being clobbered because russia might be ready to invade the ukraine and the west doesn't have a clue about what to do about it. that's why the dow tumbled 140 points. plunged .97%. i kept telling you that people are getting everything wrong ever since ukraine's government changed hands and russia decided to stake its claim on key parts of the country. we've got more since the downing of mh-17. there's a ton of confusion out there, like misdirection plays on a football field so i want to deal with them head on. in order to explain why most commentators are blind to the russia ukraine standoff. first, sadly unfortunately we've
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been conditioned to believe that all stocks involve around the fed and interest rates. we look for moves in rates before they occur. we ascribe magical powers to the federal reserve. while it's true the fed has had a hand in keeping the rates down, i don't know how much demand there is for money. most important, if the fed bears correcting the ram rates, they should be soaring, not sinking. i won't say that the fed or interest rates don't matter, they always do, but i will say that the fed is not nearly in as much control of the interest rates as the screamers think. they insist that the stock market's weakness is all about the fed, too. i heard begin say until we saw russian troops amassing troops, that was the first time that they backed down for a few minutes. if there was any relief from the fed yellers not insisting about the federal reserve, stalin's famous line about the pope in the run up to world war ii.
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how many divisions does the fed have? the russian ukraine fed on the other hand is everything to do with interest rates. our bond markets have been flooded. china pulled money out of europe. the prospect of another breakdown. that's the way they think over there. it wasn't long before demand. now you didn't fear that long. we're seeing poland talking about needing to strengthen the eastern flank of nato. you may think that sounds crazy but these countries believe it and putin doesn't seem to be playing by any discernible rules in the west. they want to put more tanks and missiles on the ukrainian border. these types of sanctions have produced hot wars more often than not. i think the western leaders need putin to be rational but maybe
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in this case being rational means taking back a big part, not all of it, but a big part of what you r5rd as your country before joining a battle of encirclement against you. he thinks he's being rational and he can't figure out why the united states is telling him what he's doing. if he invades ukraine is the west going to invade moscow? putin thinks they'll do nothing. he seems to be calling the west out. why not? what does he have to lose? good opinion? stable ruble? please, this is about sovereignty, not about money. besides, i bet putin is right. there's no way we'll go to war over ukraine. it's not like it's a nato member so money takes flight from there to here. in other words, if you're taking a cue, you're selling your stocks. certainly the russians are used to this. the russian ukraine situation really heating up goes against
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conventional wisdom. but, lots of hedge funds sell oil when the dollar is strong. they think that because they should sell it. pretty much program selling, hedge funds is a question of relationships. they just put it in the bank. that's the way it works, people. given that russia is the proximate cause of the dollar strength, you can blame russia again for the weakness. the market took a while to move up yesterday. it isn't helping when you see the whopping declines in gigantic companies like chevron and exxon. no one is selling oil futures. they're selling oil futures, they're not thinking far out at all. none of these sellers realize if you take russian oil offline it will cause prices to skyrocket. the selloff comes later. not reacting correctly. here's another wrinkle.
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when you see crude, you buy the airlines. since the downing of mh-17 may be deep in a game changer. and there's little known security about the safety of air travel. however, this is not all russia. i think the ebola virus story is causing trouble, too. you'd think we'd be hearing chatter about how the retail benefits. it's a tax. the giant retailer reiterated the american consumer. you know something, we're not questioning whether china might be doing a poor job. i will. we assume that the consumers are bums. how about gold? should it be soaring if russia is about to inkrad vad the ukraine? here i have no real answer. it looks like an opportunity to buy the precious metal.
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i think many trade gold off the charts. gold's been on the chart. i say stay tuned. this morning national oil embargo said it's a risk. that helped drive the whole oil service complex down somewhat. we've already heard from visa and master card. that's why master card didn't go higher. if this one does turn hot you could and should envision a world where putin expope preit's that u.s. companies do business in russia. sound silly? wrong. putin has a whole history of burning assets. that's why countries went out of business there. you might see him put price controls on goods. why not? venezuela does it. we set them. hurts them every single quarter. now the negative corporate news,
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it could cause upset. nothing good with russia. 21st century fox should walk away. walgreens was getting flagged. tax inversion. there's no plan to do so. plenty of positives are being endured because of russia, even the stock at disney. may be weighed down by kiev, the bread basket. i can go on and on but the bottom line on today that the possible war between russia and europe is front and center. the fed chatters, they're playing whack a mole with me. if we were to hit earnings, this market would have been up, not down, but we can't do that. right now the earnings don't matter unless the companies are doing business in russia, and in that case they suddenly do matter in a negative way. ron in california. hey, ron. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. my husband was wounded in vietnam and can't talk too well.
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his question is concerning rueger. should we buy or sell? >> rueger's a controversial story. it's been a winner. i am not going to recommend it. it's been inconsistent. cabellas and the numbers are going down. i'm away of what i would call the gun trade. let's go to amanda in louisiana. amanda. >> caller: hello? >> amanda, how are you? >> caller: oh, hey, jim. boo-yah! >> boo-yah back at you. >> caller: thanks, jim, for all your help. i've made a lot of money. >> yes, thank you. >> caller: i want to continue to do so. tell me about the ticket simple imbn. what do you think? i already own 200 shares. >> already. speculative motion sensor play. a lot of people don't like it. a lot of people see the cries cities it's going to be in.
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i'm not against it as long as you know it is speculative. this is not one of those companies that has a long history of paying dividends and we don't have to worry about it. it was rough out there. i know that. the market has figured it out. russia and ukraine aren't as front and center as they should have been. otherwise, you would have seen green and not the sea of red. target, panera, what's the one thing in common, seeing red? ease seeing money on the tree. sha chart week. #chartnado. show us the patterns you found. we might feature you right here on the show. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer. send jim an e-mail to
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this coach bottom is bottoming. is pa nair ra bottoming? is target bottoming? those are the questions today. people are taking a plunge. first, coach has been able to make a bigger directional shift towards product for men than i thought it could pull off. plus, china, you move before. you're moving the needle in a positive way. $7 million in men's sales, $5 million in chinese revenues in a year. that is big. chief executive officer finally sounds like he has a handle on things even if the company's north american stores are down 11%. this ought to make you feel better about coach's dividends. it's reached bottom, i just don't know if it's headed
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straight down. i have a sense of urgency on whole foods. especially when i can get kroeger for the same price. that might start paying off in the second half of the year so i can't justify paying 26 times earnings for whole foods when kroger trades at 15 times earnings. kroger has a healthy buy back. i can whole foods grow. the turn around initiatives were working or a powerful and demanding changes had been the scuttlebutt all day today which is why it was up more than close. i'd rather frankly own costco which has better numbers, solid growth plan. as for panera bread, despite the pull back, it doesn't seem like it wants to go down. we the the decliners near 1%.
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that was a problem. maybe it's too much of a good thing. it can't mean things aren't suddenly so hot. i'll wait for the national rollout of panera 2.0. target. cut to the floor. the degradation from the security breach, company debacle, you're getting 3 point be point 5% yield. if there's damage from the breach it will die down eventually. if kornell has a turn around, there isn't one. now here's where i come out on all four. i don't like retail here. i've said it over and over again. i do not like the retail stocks. i think the consumer is not as strong as i've hoped. i do like the fact that the price of gas has gone down and employment is going up. future could be better. most important i might say
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jcpenney, i like the balance sheets of all four companies. the clean balance sheets mean that they can have the flexibility to execute their turnarounds without a lot of stress and strain and if they get it right, it could work. my bottom line, if they're shorting any, chelsea, no. without two sides of a turn all you would be playing is the bounce off of the stronger consumer which is what you need. all four look like they're done going down. they're washed out and not as bad as they used to. they were darkest before dawn. dawn does not mean a straight up path, it just means the pain may at least be over because the patients are out of icu and safely into rehab. diane in wisconsin. diane. >> caller: jim, boo-yah from god's country in lacrosse, wisconsin. >> yes, absolutely right. that is absolutely true. my friend from wheels up is
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there. >> caller: i was a frequent shopper of c.j. jmj. -- jcpenne. the sales dropped down. now that they have reverted back to the original store marketing system the customers are starting to return. for my ira i bought shares of jcpenneys at $6 a share. i believe earnings will be out on august 14th. jim, what do you foresee for jcpenney shareholders in the future? >> first of all, congratulations. 50%, that's fantastic. let's not be too greedy. i think that the consumer, the retail consumer's not doing that well. jcpenney is doing better than expected and the environment has gotten very tough on retail. i want you to stay the course. please don't buy anymore. what do coach, whole foods,
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panera have in common? they're not going down. still more ahead. mon santos has been embattled by the move on gmos. are they right? that's always my case. don't want to get bit by a wall street shark, do you? forget the cage. surround yourself with some ironclad charts. chart weekday two is coming up. plus, do you concur the cloud based travel player is green after the third quarter. i'll see if it can keep up the pace. stay with cramer.
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all right. another truly awkward session. let me tell you about two stocks you might be able to buy on weakness on the way down to get the underlying companies who will be buying back their own shares with you. i'm talking about flextronics and montsanto. this was by larry robbins, the flamboyant head of glen view capital. these are two very different companies. flex tronics makes products and monsantos mass kur raids as a
6:23 pm
biochemical company. let's take a look at the specifics of these two companies, why they're liked and why they can be bought in a selloff which is where it looks like we're going. start with flextronics. home gamers. this is the second largest electronic manufacturing s services company. people outsource their manufacturing needs. the outsourcing and manufacturing is a true trend. flextronics devices its business in four main areas. business liability. that serves the heavily regulated, medical, aerospace. 10% of its revenue. also been the most consistent. 17 straight quarters of double digit growth. high velocity tools.
6:24 pm
smart phones, printers, tvs, wearable electronics. at the most this is the fastest growing segment, up 70% year over year. the x box ramp up and the largest client google coming from the motorola mobility business. the biggest division is integrated network solutions at 40% of sales where they have telecon, networking, home, storage equipment. the company is the single largest global in this particular case. they have deep relationships with their clients. last but not least they have a whole group of end markets that are industrial and emerging industries which includes everything from basic appliances, semiconductors and special systems. what does larry like about the business? it's got diverse customer base, contracts are consistent and
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predictable. balance sheet clean. after going through a big investment cycle this has become, let's just call it a total cash cow. that's what he likes about it. not all of that stuff downplayed that. larry highlighted the cash generation when he recommended it to us noting that flextr 00 nics uses the catch to buy back its stock. it's equivalent of 20% of the market cap. he also pointed out that the single point base of flex tron nicks had gotten permission from singapore to purchase this much. before last summer it was 10%. flex was constantly bumping into the buy back program. now it's more gigantic. what's more important than the actual orders the company is getting. i asked him a question. best of all, larry likes it that
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flextronics is cheap. cheap. cheap. stocks traded nine times despite having a 13% long-term growth rate. they can trade up to 11 times earnings. the $12.50 stock, 20% higher than where it is now. i think it's being very conservative. i loved this story when he was telling it. i was frankly taken aback by the buy back news. how about larry robin's next pick, monsanto. it might be the most hated stock because of genetically modified foods. think declining prices for agricultural modified foods. corn, soy beans. bob still likes this stock. it has a $10 million buy back. as a maker of genetically modified seeds, they have long-term tail winds. developing countries become wealthier and people start
6:27 pm
eating more like we do. they eat wheat and if you raise cattle, pigs, chickens, they need to be fed. the more meat, the greater the demand for wheat and soy beans. the best way to increase the growth is by using monsanto's supersede. in the seed business monsanto is developing more products. they dominate the market. of course monsantos is higher in soy bean prices. this is not like the fertilizer companies that do better when crop prices are high. farmers can skip on fertilizer but if they don't buy seed they won't have a crop. the estimates for monsantos seem
6:28 pm
to be low. companies should be able to hit the high end of this forecast a or beat the numbers altogether. plus, this really intrigued me. monsanto can be a breakup story. this is an agriculture biotech firm and a chemical company that makes industrial strength weed killers. i believe that if you split the two independent companies to the genetically modified seed business would get a much higher price. on the summary to parts if you divide them, monsanto could be worth $135 per share on a breakup, 17% higher than where it is now. i think that could be a conservative price target. one last point. monsanto has been slammed. in part because of the decline in crop prices. people think it's one for one solution. they also announced a buy back and the financing with new debt. ordinarily i'm skeptical of debt buy backs.
6:29 pm
monsantos plans to have 17% of the market buy back. i find that comforting that the whole market is getting slammed. here's the bottom line. service electronics monsanto may not have much in common. they're cheap and deserve to go higher. i think it's right. could be excellent go-to names in any ukrainian inspired weakness, particularsly flax which will most likely use that weakness to buy back all the shares it can. let's go to william in virginia please, william. >> caller: boo-yah to you, jim. >> same. >> caller: thank you so much for what you do for us home gamers, my friend. i have an easy one. i have some coca-cola stock and it's set up on a growth plan. i want to let you know whether i'd be better off to have a drip plan? >> no. no. no. these plans are terrific. i want you to be bigger and bigger. coca-cola is good.
6:30 pm
at 36 i'd be telling people buy it hand over fist. warren buffet, do a lot for the balance sheet. i want you to stay in it and reinvest the dividends. ralph in nevada. >> caller: jim, i respect what you do. i watch you all the time. >> thank you. >> caller: meyer question is about alibaba and yahoo. is there any reason why alibaba cannot buy yahoo? is there a legal reason? >> no. >> is there a problem? >> okay. i don't think that that is -- let's back out for a second. that's not a reason on yahoo. a lot of people watch the speculation put out there. i think yahoo is a decent earnings story with a big chunk of cash. that's how i want to feel about yahoo. could it get a takeover? hey, you know what, fine, but what i like is the cash that yahoo will have on the balance sheet. that's why i like the stocks.
6:31 pm
larry robbins has an eye for stocks that can soar. he's a cheap skate. there's still plenty of "mad money" to sink your teeth into. chart week continues with one predatory pattern to avoid. another one that makes many companies go belly up. then i have a ticker down 25% from its highs getting some love today. has the bottom surfaced in the cloud computing stock? we'll find out. hit me with your best shot. calls on the lightning round. stick around. this is cramer. machines will be sprayed to be made. and making something stronger...
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you could even get a discount when you add a car. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the increasingly vicious market. do you look at what's happening to the charts? it's a good thing this is chart week, aka the chartnado strikes back. we'll hear from the favorite chartists in person. now we're talking to the talented tim collins, he's the founder of retrowall
6:35 pm
also my colleague. what he sees as some worse themes. he thinks that coal, which has been hideous for months, could be ready to rebound. tim, welcome to "mad money." you've got the floor. >> thanks, jim. can we get the first chart up here? basically what i'm going to run through for us is kind of the tale of two cities. best of times, worst of times. we'll start with the worst of times. the chart of coal has been absolutely abysmal. i think people would rather go to the dentist than buy coal right now. so when we look at this chart, what we're seeing here is an absolutely beautiful chart from a risk/reward standpoint. this chart has had a channel that's been going for well about a year. when you have a channel that long it creates a very strong floor and a very strong ceiling. wherever we see coal right now, we see it at the floor. i want to buy things when they're on the floor. why? my defined risk and reward.
6:36 pm
$5 down side before coal breaks down. $20 of up side. now we've seen this channel play out over the year, top, bottom. top, bottom. right now we're at the bottom. look at a few other indicators like the money flow index, cci, what am i seeing? i'm seeing a bullish divergence. it's slight but we're seeing an increase. on the cci, again, bottom, bottom, bottom. that's what we want to see when you're buying something like this and a channel. now everybody has been playing treasuries this year. let's look at the treasury chart. this has been a fantastic year for treasuries. >> yes. >> look at this bullish channel that's going on in treasuries here that's running up and we think this is the greatest thing. this has been an easy trade. >> when rates go down, bonds go up. >> exactly. this has been an easy trade. as we notice in the price channel, what do we have going on? we're looking at longer term price resistance.
6:37 pm
in the money flow, we're seeing sharp pull down. that's going in the opposite direction of price which is a bearish divergence. this is a weekly chart. we're looking at a longer time frame. while i think there might be a little bit more up side especially when we have the volatility in equity from the u.s. treasuries, i think these long dated treasuries are long in the tooth when it comes to a rally. so i pulled up the momentum on the rsi also seeing a slightly lower top here. now, you see one bearish divergence. you think, now we see two plus price resistance. i would not be a buyer of treasuries. >> that's very contrary. very contrary. >> now when we think of coal, why am i thinking about coal? it's the cheapest house in an expensive neighborhood, neighborhood being energy. most will think walter, alpha natural, arch coal. i wouldn't want to try to pick one as a winner. i would only buy them as a
6:38 pm
group. if i want one name, i want s suncoke. suncoke has a nice exposure to the steel industry. >> have a good quarter, still have a good quarter. big moves. >> geo dynamics as well. on suncoke, we have a rounding pattern going on. that looks like a pretty ugly formation. even if we don't get a cup and handle, we have a breakout on momentum, breakout on the money flow. breakout on the money flow. somebody might say, well, i don't like that dip. i would say look at this time frame. look at this may time frame all the way back there. we had the same type of dip. the same dip in the rsi. >> right. >> and then we rallied. that push is exactly what we're seeing now, which puts me looking at $30 minimum on suncoke by the end of the year.
6:39 pm
my favorite energy name to own, period. better than oil and natural gas. i want to be on suncoke. 30 this year, 35 to 40 next year. >> really? >> yes. >> this is a shock because i've not been on board coal although i've seen coal come back because it has gotten so much cheaper. natural gas has come back down. this is steel coal. that's different. let me ask you, right here, i've been conditioned to think that with the volume down that this move up is not significant but apparently you're -- >> look at the green bars though. >> okay. >> a green bar here are better than our red bars. >> yes. >> that's what's reflected in the money 234rflow. sometimes there's a monday, sometimes there's a friday. >> sometimes monday, sometimes friday. trading days especially on a friday versus a monday. >> right. >> that's why we look at money flow. we're looking at price to give us an indicator. >> i have to tell you, this is a very winning idea.
6:40 pm
it is steel, not the kind of coal that keeps you warm at night. that is one beautiful chart. i want to thank tim collins one of the fabulous contributors for real money and real money pro. clear-headed thinking. plenty of more chart week to come. keep sending me your best ideas on twitter @chartnado. you could be on your way to shoring up your stuff right here. "mad money" is back after the break. thank you, mr. cobb. >> thanks, jim. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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it is time. the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready. coming to the lightning round. brett. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you. >> all right. how about you, brett?
6:44 pm
>> caller: good. i enjoy your show very much. >> thank you. >> caller: all right. the reason i was calling, just wanted to know, you know, number one, what's your opinion here on caterpillar? >> well, frankly, i was a little bit bummed that caterpillar didn't deliver a better quarter. not executing well in china. i don't know how long it will take them to do that. because of that, i can't push it. stephanie in california. >> caller: thanks, jim, for taking my call. boeing. >> volatility is a sign of going down. it bounced back. boeing did not do as well as i thought they would against airbus in the competition, however, i do think boeing is an inexsentences pensive stock that didn't do well. they didn't have a great quarter but i do think the stock is inexpensive. it pays on the down side. let's go to mike in tennessee.
6:45 pm
mike, mike, mike. >> caller: hi, jim. the stock is united technologies. wondering what your thoughts are, has it hit or near the bottom? >> united technologies is a lot like boeing. here's the problem. very levered to heating and ventilating. it does not have the big cash flow i wanted to see. they're hurting. i think they're trying to put in a bottom. i'm a buyer of both. mack in texas. >> caller: give me your thoughts on spirit airlines continued growth for low-cost carriers. >> i think -- there's two of these that we're talking about. spirit air assistance or are we talking about save spirit airlines? >> spirit airlines. >> airlines saved? i pull away a little bit. i think the travel stocks are pausing because of a series of
6:46 pm
unfortunate events happening overseas. it shouldn't impact spirit but i do believe these stocks will trade together because of etfs. let's wait a little, it's pausing, then we'll do some buying. let's go to george in california. george. >> caller: jim, hello from crimson color class of '84, orange and black class of '56. >> there you go. >> caller: i'm getting mixed signals on mmp, ma ggellan midstream partners. lower oil prices and -- >> mmp is a really terrific situation. that's a great growth situation. i would not back away from that. okay. 3 1/4 yield. people think rates are going to go higher. maybe you wait and buy some here and then you buy some more. that is a terrific situation. corey in california. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. how are you doing? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: great. thank you.
6:47 pm
long-term investment. >> you said the key word, long term. nothing is going to happen short term. sprint did not have a great quarter. people feel there has to be a deal. if there's a deal the stock goes higher. if there's no deal, the rush is not going to go higher. that is not going to happen overnight. that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with thinkorswim from td ameritrade. get live squawks right in your trading platform where the reward was that what if tnew car smelledit card and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one.
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after a really hideous day i think it's worth calling attention to one of the session's major bright spots which you may not have noticed if you're too busy fretting about how the averages are stuck. we're talking about concur technologies, cnqr. the high flying cloud-based software provides businesses with a cost savings, corporate travel and expense management system. there are 130 of them. over the past few months the stock has been making its way back higher. last night we got terrific evidence that it might be completely justified. specifically concur, the company delivered 9%, 16% bases. 28.6 year over year. excellent booking straight over all geographies. u.s., japan, europe. there was magnificent guidance. 2.3% today, had it been a
6:51 pm
regular, blah day, the stock would have been up 5. concur is traditionally expensive. it traded 95. it's given you 7% gains since we've last spoken to the ceo in april. let's talk to the chairman and ceo of concur. mr. singh, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim. >> warren buffet, one thing i learned, companies that have moats, when i read you have air bnb, the relationship with ibm, can anybody come in against concur? >> jim, obviously we're the market leader in our market. great companies never look at where they are today. they always look at how do they deliver great services to their customers? how do they become a better company over the years? and how do they better serve their client? and so when you think about where we are, not only are we
6:52 pm
delivering fantastic services to our clients and growing our customer base, we're seeing the partner community around concur continue to grow wonderfully. air bnb is another example. we also signed united airlines as a fantastic partner. starwood hotels, isc and so on. i think air bnb is just a fantastic example of how when you think about the world as an ecosystem, when you think about how we can drive value for the client, for the business traveler in our case, it's a beautiful example. >> i think that a lot of people initially, including our company, we said this is a nifty way not to have boxes of receipts, but i like this image that you're tracing on the conference call of what you call the perfect effortless -- >> yes. yes. >> describe it to our viewers what happens when a united flight lands, what should occur? >> what would be ideal, you should be able to book your travel wherever you want,
6:53 pm
whether you book it with concur, united, your travel agent. however you book it we want to make sure you get your corporate rate. wouldn't it be nice if that once you booked that travel it automatically flows right into trip-it or it flows into your expense product. so it would be fantastic if we can get rid of the expense part entirely. that's one part of the trip. we're finding that the customers are booking at more than traditional places for hotels. for example, we have a relationship with airbnb. this is a great company that is offering a product that's not available in any other way and what we're finding in our customer base is that we saw a 25 fold increase in the number of our business travelers that we serve then we use airbnb to book hotels, book lodging. and our customers say, hey, look, can you help us? and so we partnered with airbnb. now when you book at airbnb,
6:54 pm
you'll get your corporate rate but you'll see that book into trip it and an expense report. >> i've got to ask you about this and i want to, the global business travel. you just stunned me. 25 times increase in airbnb from executives, from salespeople, not from youth hostel people? >> yeah, i think a lot of people look at airbnb and say this is for millennials and maybe a very narrow demographic. the reality is it's a great product for anybody. i think what you're going to see is in time it's popular with guys like me who stay in the star hotels of the world. or people that are new and entering the work force, i think it will be a mainstream -- you'll see this on a mainstream offering. >> okay. i didn't think that.
6:55 pm
i learned that's a major data point. people don't understand you have this thing called a global business travel association where the big alliances are made. when you go to something like that are you trying to be at the aerospace conference where your' trying to come back with some big winds and did you come back with big winds? >> we're in a very fortunate position to drive this ford and set the agenda. we're setting the bar of what they ought to be. so we're certainly very lucky when we go to conferences like that, not only do our customers and partners hear the messages around how we feel about the world and what we're delivering, but they also approach us and say, look, we'd love to be a part of that solution. so we at gbta, we saw a number of supplier partners approach us and say, hey, we would like to work with you. you have an open ecosystem. they're basing the way their
6:56 pm
customers are behaving. in fact, i'll tell you jeff smisek, the ceo of united, he was asked a question about trip link and the cruise booking? and his answer was beautiful. it was exactly the right answer which was, hey, look, i'm going to serve my customer no matter how my customer wants to be served and that's always the right answer. >> you've done a great job. you've reported on a very tough day because this is the stock that people want right now. steve singh, chairman and c of concur technology. thank you for coming on "mad money." >> my pleasure. >> if you want revolutionary technology and you're willing to pay up for it, take a look at concur. stay with us. >> announcer: there's something in the water and the only thing more dangerous than an encounter with the fierce some fish is
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chart week. cramer's diving in to chart the stocks you can sink your teeth into and the predatory patterns you should avoid. tweet @jimcramer and show us your patterns. cramer could feature your work on the show. "mad money's" chart week all this week.
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